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COVID-19: Center ready for vaccine rolllout, asks states to set up 3-tier system to administer it

Rida Shaikh

The Government of India kick started the process of introduction of potential COVID-19 vaccine candidates. The Government asked the states to develop a three-tier mechanism in order to facilitate the process of distribution of the novel coronavirus vaccine. The Union Health Secretary wrote a letter to the chief secretaries of the state. In the letter, he informed them that the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine will mostly take a year. The frontline and healthcare workers will be given the utmost priority in the immunization program. He also said that the vaccines will be available in small quantities initially.

He said, “It is anticipated that initially the supply of vaccine will be limited in view of huge demand, hence prioritization of socio-demographic groups will be done for vaccination and subsequently other groups will be included.” Each and every state has been asked to set up a committee under the chief secretary that must meet every month. A state task force will be set up under the principal secretary. The state task force must compulsorily meet every fortnight to discuss the matters concerning the said topic. A district task force will be set up under the district magistrate and they will meet once in seven days. These forces will be required to oversee the preparation of vaccination priority lists and cold storage facilities.

Apart from these things, the committees will also be responsible for the identification of human resources across all the departments so that they can be deployed for the verification of beneficiaries, crowd management, and overall coordination at session sites.

After the rollout plan, the district task force will be working on ‘robust communication planning at all levels to address rumor-mongering as well as vaccine eagerness”.

Researchers and scientists from all over the world have participated in the race to concoct a potential vaccine for the novel coronavirus.


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