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Couple From AP Beat Daughters To Death With Dumbbells

Devanshi Doshi

A couple from Andhra Pradesh's Madanapalle in Chitoor district on Sunday allegedly beat their two daughters to death with dumbbells and a trishool. The were of the belief that they would be able to bring them back from the dead.

The couple, identified as V Padmaja and V Purushotham Naidu, believed that they had special powers that would help them revive their dead daughters, police said.  Purushotham is an associate professor of Chemistry from Government Degree College in Madanapalle. Padmaja, who reportedly is a Gold Medallist in MSc Mathematics, is the correspondent of Masterminds IIT Talent School in Chitoor.

“Give us time till the end of the night, we will bring them back,” the couple told the police who arrived at the house. The victims have been identified as Alekya (27) and Sai Divya (22). Alekya was a student of the Indian Institute of Forest Management and Divya was a BBA graduate pursuing a career in music, police said. 

According to the Quint. police found several ritual items at the site and the victims were found draped in red sarees. According to local reports, some residents in the colony heard a loud scream from the house following which the police were alerted. They, however, could not determine the time of the incident. “We do not know the full details about why and how the incident happened, but the couple were not acting normally when we reached there. They requested us to give them one day’s time, stating that the dead will wake up. After interacting with them, we got the sense that they seem to be in a delusional state, so it will take time to investigate,” District Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ravi Manohar Chary said.

The couple is currently in custody of the police. There is a speculation of a case of human sacrifice. 

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