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Terrorists attack Pakistan stock exchange: Atleast 10 including 4 gunmen killed

Vishnu Vasisht

Atleast 10 were killed in a terrorist attack on Pakistan's Karachi stock exchange on Monday morning. At the same time, all the four terrorists involved in the attack were also killed. Four security guards and a police sub-inspector were also killed.

According to Pakistan's Dawn News TV, many people have also been injured in the terrorist attack at the stock exchange. Shortly after the attack, the police reached the spot and sealed the area. Police have also seized grenades and weapons from the attackers.

According to reports, the terrorists were trying to enter the Pakistan Stock Exchange at around 9 am. Meanwhile, they attacked with grenades and fired shots.

Geo News reported that unidentified terrorists tried to enter through the main gate of the building, indiscriminately firing bullets and hurling grenades. Sindh Rangers said that police and Ranger officers reached the spot and killed all four terrorists near the entrance. Police said AK-47 rifles, grenades, magazines and other explosive materials have been recovered. It is clear from these weapons that they came with the intention of a big attack. It was said in the news that four other security guards and one sub-inspector of police, along with 6 others, were also killed in the attack.

Dawn News reported that the terrorists could not enter the trading hall. The firing of terrorists caused panic among the people present in the building. It was told in the news that the building and surrounding areas have been sealed and people have been evacuated through the back door. In an interview with Geo TV, the Inspector General of Karachi (IG) said that the situation is under control and all terrorists have been killed. He said that the Ranger and police officers have entered the building and are conducting a search operation. According to the official, the attackers wore clothes that are usually worn by policemen when they are not on duty. Police said the terrorists attacked with sophisticated weapons and had a bag of explosives.

Sindh Province Governor Imran Ismail has condemned the incident. He said on Twitter, "I strongly condemn the attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange. The attack has been done to weaken our fight against terrorism. The IG and security agencies have been instructed that the perpetrators of the incident should be caught alive and their bosses be severely punished. We will protect Sindh at all costs".

According to Dawn News, the number of casualties may increase further. It is being told that five dead bodies and seven injured have been brought to the Civil Hospital in Karachi. The injured also include policemen.

The Sindh police officer has asked the DIG (South) for a full report of the attack.

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