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New Swine flu virus with ‘pandemic potential’ identified in China

Vishnu Vasisht

So far millions of people have died and millions of people have been infected all over the world due to the coronavirus all that was first seen in the Wuhan city of China. Meanwhile, another bad news is surfacing here that a Swine Flu has been found in China which also has epidemic potential.

After the discovery of this virus, people all over the world, along with the experts, have been frightened that the havoc of this new virus will start.

A new swine flu has been discovered by CDC researchers that has been found in China. Researchers claim that the new swine flu has the potential of a pandemic and if it spreads in humans, it will have rapid consequences.

The study was published in the US Science Journal PNAS on Monday. It has been named G4 by researchers. This has occurred in a new form after the genetically modified H1N1. In 2009, an epidemic spread across the world due to swine flu. This developed form of the same virus is indicating that this swine flu has the potential of an epidemic.

Approximately 30,000 samples were collected from researchers from pig's throat from 2011 to 2018. Then, in 2016, some new types of flu symptoms were seen. Their symptoms were primarily fever, cough and sneezing in the human body. Researchers also noticed that G4, the new virus, causes many serious symptoms in the human body. At the same time, the immunity of the human body proved to be weak in preventing this flu.

At present, in view of this dangerous swine flu, researchers are working fast on new efforts to prevent this from turning into an epidemic. No effective treatment or vaccine is developed for this swine flu (G4).

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