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Knife attack by security guard at a primary school in China leaves 39 injured

Vishnu Vasisht

At least 39 people, including dozens of children, were injured by a security guard inside a primary school in a southern Chinese city on Thursday morning. The attack took place after the students gathered at the school at Wangfu Country Center Primary School in South China at around 8:30 am. Shortly thereafter, the alleged attacker was identified as 50-year-old security guard Li Xiaomin. The guard escaped, attacking with a sharp weapon. The school principal is reported to have been injured in the incident. Although suspect Lee has been arrested, the cause of the attack has not been ascertained.

Local officials told the media that at least eight ambulances were sent to take the victims to the nearest hospitals. At least two victims were seriously injured in this knife attack. The identity of the victims has not been revealed. Local officials told the media that no one was hurt. China has a history of knife attacks mostly done by disgruntled employees or mentally disturbed persons.

Earlier, a disgruntled schoolworker had made a similar sabotage in a primary school in Beijing in January 2019 and 20 students were attacked, out of which at least three people were seriously injured. News agency AFP reported that in April 2018, a 28-year-old man killed nine middle-school students, which was one of the deadliest knife attacks in the country in recent years.

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