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George Floyd Protests: Mahatma Gandhi Statue Vandalised in Washington DC

Vishnu Vasisht

Protesters in the US damaged the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Washington DC on Wednesday. Protests condemning the death of George Floyd, who was killed by Minneapolis Cops, have been suspected to do so. The local police has started an investigation to catch the culprits.

Supporters of 'BlackLivesMatter' continue to protest in Washington and some mischievous elements have damaged the statue. According to sources, the Washington police have started an investigation.

The US ambassador to India has expressed grief over this entire incident and apologized. Meanwhile, protests continue in the US against George Floyd's death. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump took credit for deploying large numbers of National Guard soldiers and enforcement officers in the country's capital on Wednesday, saying it set an example for states to crush nationwide demonstrations.

A senior White House official said on Tuesday that the harsh action taken outside the White House on Monday night was supported by the President, who wanted to set an example for the rest of the country by taking aggressive action in the country's capital. "You have to have a security force that dominates," Trump told Fox News on Wednesday. "We need to maintain law and order. You saw that in all these places, where the problems occurred, the Republican Party is not in power".

The Department of Defense has made contingency plans to deploy troops when needed. Situation deteriorating in the nation's capital and in the event of the National Guard not being able to protect, a division of the army troops have been deployed to protect the White House and other federal buildings.

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