‘Corrupt approach’: IPL Player alerts BCCI, Anti-corruption unit begins probe

Vishnu Vasisht

An Indian Premier League (IPL) player playing in the UAE has reported 'contact for betting', following which the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of BCCI has come into action.

The 13th season of the IPL is being held in a bio-bubble in the UAE due to the Coronavirus virus epidemic, thus reducing the chance of an outside suspect meeting the player directly.

However, it remains a threat due to online contact. ACU chief Ajit Singh confirmed this and said, "Yes, a player has given information about contact. We are watching the bookie. It will take some time".

As per the anti-corruption protocol, the name of the player or franchisee has not been disclosed for confidentiality. Unlike previous years, this year players and team members are living in bio-bubble, ACU is focusing on the possible online corruption medium. Most of the players are active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter where strangers contact them as fans.

A Senior BCCI official said, "All the players participating in the IPL have participated in several anti-corruption sessions. The best thing is that the player immediately realized that something was wrong. He had doubts and immediately shared his concerns with ACU. Every player is well aware of the anti-corruption protocol".

The BCCI has tied up with the UK company SportRadar, which will provide its services to prevent betting and other corrupt practices through fraud investigation services during the IPL.

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