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Confusion over Centre’s claim of COVID-19 vaccine at the end of next year

Debanjana Dutta

The controversy surrounding Corona’s antidote continues.

A part of the government plans to announce the discovery of the corona vaccine on the morning of Independence Day, August 15. On the other hand, in the meeting of the parliamentary committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the government, the officials of that ministry informed the committee members today that this year Independence Day is far away and corona vaccine may be discovered by the end of next year. As a result, suspicions about Corona’s antidote remained high.

On July 2, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) under the Ministry of Health issued a directive setting August 15 as the deadline for launching the corona vaccine. A large section of researchers and physicians in the country have questioned how it is possible to market a vaccine without judging the good and the bad in just five weeks. Even after that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said ‘hope’ on the corona vaccine question yesterday.However, it will take another one to one and a half years for the antidote to reach the market. Naturally, the question arises, then on what basis does ICMR plan to release the vaccine in the market by August 15? The Ministry of Health is silent on this. However, the Ministry of Science and Technology has said that the end of next year is based on the time it takes to release a vaccine. The Ministry of Science and Technology has not commented on any specific vaccine.

80% of the world’s vaccines are made in India. Therefore, the members of the committee hope that India will be at the forefront of the discovery of the corona vaccine. During the meeting, questions were also asked about Ramdev’s Corona Kit and the medicines brought to the market to cure Corona. But the officials of the ministry remain silent about it.

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