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#ChinaBlocksWION: After India bans 59 Chinese apps, China blocks access to WION website

Vishnu Vasisht

After India banned 59 Chinese apps to ensure the security and sovereignty of its cyber world, China has suffered a major setback due to this digital strike from India amidst the escalating border in Ladakh. In retaliation, China has blocked ZEE Media Group's international channel WION. The website now cannot be opened in the Mainland of China.

The fair reporting of the WION has often exposed the Chinese agenda. Not only this, the WION has been eroding the moves of Pakistan. Therefore, the governments of these two countries are engaged in efforts to target the WION. This move of China also exposes the feeling of revenge., an organization that monitors the Internet in China, has confirmed that WION has been completely blocked in China. has emerged as a database that monitors the internet sentencing by China to international media institutions. Through this, researchers are able to track the digital censorship released in China.

China's lies regarding the pandemic were also exposed by WION. Beijing had expressed its displeasure over this on several occasions.

Chinese diplomats in India have also been questioning the coverage of the WION.

There is no doubt that China does not like the idea of ​​an independent press. Hence the ban on WION is part of China's same strategy of press censorship.

In March, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian banned WION on social networking site Twitter.

In June, the Chinese government's mouthpiece Global Times published a news piece advising WION to think independently.

#ChinaBlocksWion is trending on twitter, and WION's reaction has been firm with this regard. The news media also changed their bio on twitter to 'Proud to be banned by China' and also changed their cover picture.

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