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Child patients in Delhi exhibit Kawasaki-like syndrome, Covid-19 link suspected

Vishnu Vasisht

After Mumbai, there are cases of Kawasaki-like illnesses in children suffering from Coronavirus in Delhi too. Symptoms have been observed in a child suffering from Covid in Delhi, which is commonly seen in Kawasaki Disease. The doctor says that even in countries like Italy, China, America, England etc., such symptoms are seen in children suffering from Covid (Coronavirus Positive Kids).

The BLK Super Specialty Hospital currently has two older children admitted to which antibodies to Covid have been found. One is 13 years old and the other is 9 years old. Similarly, the case has also come up in Ganga Ram Hospital. One child has been discharged after treatment, while the other was admitted in critical condition on Thursday. In this regard, Dr Rachna Sharma of Pediatrics Critical Care of BLK Super Specialty Hospital said, "Even if there is infection in someone, they do not show any symptoms. But now many such cases are being seen in the country, which are behaving like Kawasaki disease".

Dr Rachna told that a 13-year-old child was admitted due to high grade fever and investigations found that the child to be Covid positive.

In this regard, Dr. Anil Sachdeva of Pediatrics Department of Ganga Ram Hospital said that a six-year-old child was admitted on Thursday. He had fever for six to seven days. He said that Covid-affected children all over the world are getting ill with Kawasaki-like symptoms. It is seen everywhere from America to China.

"Usually Kawasaki is identified in the child as high grade fever, eye red, lumps near the neck, body rashes, abdominal pain, vomiting, mouth becoming red like strawberry are seen. At the same time, the digestive capacity of the child also deteriorates. BP goes down, so it is important that a child with such symptoms get timely treatment," said Dr Rachana.

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