Chennai Police puts on ‘Corona Helmet’ to create awareness for Covid-19

Utkarsh Tiwari

Chennai Police adopted novel idea to create awareness among travellers for Covid-19. One of the police officer was seen wearing corona helmet. Police said that the impact of other awareness measures was comparatively less. The idea is to create fear among poeple without harming them.

Police Inspector Rajesh Babu, who wears the gear while speaking to commuters on the street said that the approach has had a positive effect so far.

We take all the steps but still people come out on the streets. Therefore, this corona helmet is one of the steps we are taking to ensure that people are aware of the seriousness of the police. The helmet is an attempt to do something different when I wear this the thought of coronavirus comes into the minds of the commuters. Especially, the children react strongly after seeing this and want to be taken home," Babu told

Gowtham, the artist, who designed the helmet told ANI here, "The public at large is not treating the COVID-19 situation seriously, whereas, the police personnel are working round the clock to ensure people stay at home and do not venture out so that further spread of the disease can be stopped,"

"I came up with the idea and used a broken helmet and papers to prepare this. I have also prepared many placards displaying slogans and handed them over to the police," he added.


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