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Mental Pressure Is Much Real!

Mahima Jain


A basic daily soap showing a newlywed preparing meals for the whole family until she has one of the days with birthdays or sickness.
A program showing slum area's women fighting for water and ration. A drunkard husband is crouching on the streetside whereas his wife is working as a maid.

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An advertisement about cereals or milk showing how mother's are cooking delegated for family.
And we cannot deny, how often we are used to seeing this and never having a thought about it. Women spend more time in household chores than men even while they are working full time.
If your family ain't one of them, you're good to go but here we talking about an average of families and this is what we face.
Respecting women and understanding the mental tension she goes through is not enough, participating 'equally' in each work is what we seek and would appreciate.

Today we proudly talk about how we're providing a better nation for women in terms of equality, safety, and status, which is true to some extent but we can't forget the time when women were oppressed and how it still affects them in a certain way.
The fact cannot be denied how mental aggression and load is imposed by certainties.

The mental pressure cannot be measured in terms of anything, every day little by little we should indulge ourselves in understanding how domestic works are as chaotic as they are ranted about.

Teenager is using tablet in his messy room

These are in-built or by default presets, one cannot tell but what we can assemble by default is every work done to run a home is of equal importance and all the members are responsible for it.

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