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Kolkata: CPM leader & doctor Fuad Halim conducts dialysis at Rs 50 per procedure, even for Covid patients

Vishnu Vasisht

Devastated by the Coronavirus lockdown, Fuad Halim, a leftist leader and physician based in Kolkata, West Bengal has arranged for ordinary people to undergo dialysis at his hospital at just Rs 50.

A left leader, in the last Lok Sabha elections, Fuad stood with a CPI(M) ticket from Diamond Harbor and lost by a huge margin. But he is also a physician and political defeat did not take him away from the people. On the contrary, his concern for the poor increased.

Fuad and his friends built a hospital next to his house. Basically a hospital for the poor, dialysis was done at this hospital for only 350 rupees before lockdown. But after the announcement of the lockdown, he decided to reduce the cost.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, Fuad Halim's hospital has done dialysis for a total of 2,190 times.

The name of the hospital is 'Health Resolution'. Although there is no glamor in the private hospital, there has never been any compromise with the treatment in this hospital. In order to save the lives of poor people, 'Health Resolution' has really taken a resolution. Amid the Coronavirus situation, when people are facing difficulties to get treatment for other diseases, the doors of Fuad's hospital are open all the time.

In Fuad's words, "We have been treating people as much as we can. It may cost a lot to do dialysis here, but we are not lagging behind in services from any other hospital".

Working under the aegis of Kolkata Swasthya Sankalpa, an NGO which he runs with 60 of his friends, 49-year-old Fuad is the son of Hashim Abdul Halim, who had served as speaker of the West Bengal assembly for 29 years from 1982 to 2011.

Halim said the cost is borne by him and friends. “Three doctors work here voluntarily, while we pay the technicians. My relatives and friends bear the financial burden together," he said.

They conduct 35 to 40 dialysis procedures per day.

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