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Happy Birthday Chris Evans :10 Facts about Captain America that Most Marvel Fans Don’t Know

Ritika Singh

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Happy Birthday Chris Evans!

1.Chris Evans Turned Down Captain America Role for Three Times

In an interview, Evans stated, “The fear was, you’re making a decision for the next six, seven, eight years of your life…” He said that he did not to make the choice immediately based on fear Evans has said that he also decided to take the role because he thinks “the story of Steve Rogers is great. He’s a great guy.” Ghost Excercising! Video of gym equipment moving on its own shocks public, UP police clarify

2.Captain America has an evil “twin”.

In the “Secret Empire”, it was revealed tha the super hero has a duplicate copy created by a Hydra-loyal Kobik, an emotional being of shattered cosmic cubes.

3.He was almost named ‘Super American’.

Amid World War II, Captain America’s creators wanted him to portray a character that had a strong political position, since patriotic superheroes were pretty popular during the war. They decided later that there were too many ‘Super’ heroes about the place.

4,He has used Thor’s hammer many a times

When Seth’s followers attacked, Thor was separated from Mjolnir. In the process of giving it back to Thor, Captain America comes out swinging the hammer, swiftly defeating enemies.

5.His Shield Wasn't Always A Vibranium Frisbee

During his missions in WWII, Rogers meets T’Chaka, the Chieftain of the African nation of Wakanda and father of T’Challa .Rogers receives a sample of the metal Vibranium from T’Chaka. When the metal is then used in experiments by Dr. Myron MacLain, the shield is accidentally forged with the doctor having no knowledge of how to duplicate and is replaced by Rogers’ gun as his main weapon.

6.Captain America was killed in 2007

When Civil War 2007 storyline ended, the whole world was shocked to find that Captain America was died. His death caused so much uproar that it made headlines like that of the New York Times.

7.Captain America Hasn't Always Been Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers isn’t the only Captain America we’ve seen. One notable version was William Nasland, who was selected to become the new Captain America when Rogers and Barnes disappeared at the end of the War.

Another one is James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky who, after Marvel’s Civil War storyline and Rogers’ death, took on the identity of his former friend. In the current Marvel comics run, the official Captain America is Sam Wilson, who was previously known as The Falcon (portrayed by Anthony Mackie in the films).

8.He was not an Original Member of the Avengers

Avengers actually found Steve Rogers buried in ice in the fourth issue of The Avengers comics in 1964. While the original members of Avengers were Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, and the Hulk, Captain America joined the team in the Hulk’s place after the he left because of the others’ reaction to his intense powers.

9.America once turned into a vampire.

Captain America was bitten by a vamped-out Daredevil at the end of ‘Ultimate Comics Avengers #2’ by Steve Dillon and Mark Millar and transformed into a Vampire.

10.The super-soldier serum changed his life in many ways. He can’t get drunk

Steve Rogers was constantly sick with asthma, high blood pressure, and anxiety.The serum cured him of all these and even slowed down his aging process so he doesn't get old as fast as normal humans. The reason behind him not being able to get drunk.Happy Birthday Disha Patani: Watch Her Slaying in these 10 HOT PICS

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