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Calcutta University to conduct final sem exams from Oct 1

Nisha Agarwal

West Bengal’s Calcutta University (CU) will conduct online exams for its Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) final year students. While the exams will be conducted online from October 1 to 18, the results will be declared on October 31, said Vice-Chancellor of CU, Sonali Chakraborty Banerjee on Wednesday.

Question papers will be provided to the students through an online medium either by email or by WhatsApp. All the students will be given 24 hours’ time to complete and submit the answer scripts by scanning them. The answer scripts will also be submitted through WhatsApp to their respective colleges.

For the students who cannot appear for online exams, they can physically submit their answer scripts at the college.

“Questions will be sent to those who cannot appear for online exams via email and WhatsApp and have to submit the answers in hard copy to his/her respective institution after 24 hours,” the VC said.

The answer sheets of the UG students will be evaluated by the teachers of the same institute. The previous practice of external evaluation has been exempted this year considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Vice-Chancellor also said, “The earlier decision of the university senate (the highest decision-making body) for evaluation based on 80-20 ratio (previous semester performance and internal assessment) will not be valid anymore.”

The schedule for the terminal semester or final year exams will be released by the Calcutta University in due time.

Earlier Bengal government had asked the State Universities to hold the final semester college examination between October 1 and 18.

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