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Business Ideas After Lockdown in India

Soham Ghosh

Business ideas during lockdown

COVID 19, one of the deadliest viruses that has spread all around the globe has caused immense losses to families and brought about economic stagnation on a global scale. As we can see, coronavirus will linger on for some time now, so instead of stopping we can try our hands at doing things we are best at. Lockdown is a preventive measure taken by many governments around the globe to slow down the spread of the virus and to effectively combat it. People are looking for new business ideas after lockdown in India.

Most businesses have suffered tremendous losses and people have lost their jobs due to COVID 19. Therefore, its high time we start thinking the other way and be proactive about businesses that can be kickstarted from home with available resources at hand.

Some of the most approachable small business ideas after lockdown in India is listed below:

1. Selling Healthcare Products

Owing to the pandemic lockdown, demand for face masks and hand sanitizers have increased production of small-scale mask making and hand sanitizer to a great extent. Many small business owners, self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and MSMEs have begun face mask manufacturing and hand sanitizer production, even to the extent of closing down their existing businesses during lockdown. Local shops, retailers and wholesalers are being directly contacted to sell the products further down the chain to retail customers.

2. Home Delivery of Food

The Indian Government has granted permission to sell food via online platforms and deliver it through delivery vendors. Anyone can start a kitchen of a popular or desired cuisine according to the demand in your area. Initial investment is minimal which includes procurement of raw materials with skilled professional staff like chef, helper, etc.

3. Doorstep Delivery Business

Doorstep delivery is already in trend for some time now. Now as the possibility of getting infected has risen if you step out of the house, more people are preferring to buy things online. Doorstep delivery of essential items, groceries, pharmaceuticals and alcohol is the best alternative business prospect during the lockdown. Procurement of respective licenses from concerned authority is mandatory to start a specific delivery service.

4. Online Tuition Classes

With all the educational institutions being shut down during the lockdown, students are struggling with their studies. Their education is getting hampered big time. This time is perfect for professionals with knowledge, skills and expertise in any specific field or subject to start online coaching classes for students. One just needs a laptop, an internet connection and a smartphone to begin online tuition classes.

5. Becoming a YouTuber

YouTube is the most lucrative and popular way to start earning a decent amount from among all the other social media platforms. Yes, being a YouTuber is the new trend these days. If you are passionate and possess a unique style or aura to make people follow or subscribe to your channel, then YouTube is your go to platform. Earnings from YouTube is based on one formula that is more the subscribers, more the earnings. One has to be consistent enough to flourish on YouTube.

Additional Business Options:

  • Freelancing or Blogging.
  • Photography business.
  • Online consultancy business.
  • Homemade clothes, wooden toys, handbags, gift items, etc.
  • Kitchen accessories and plantation items.
  • Candles manufacturing business.
  • Website development business.
  • Gift items like antiques, picture frames, ornaments, customized cups, perfumes, ceramic goods and much more.


Look around yourself for readily available things that are in demand in this period of crisis. Stay optimistic, as even the smallest of articles can bring about a major change in healing the global economy. Treat lockdown as a period of invention, learning and creation. Its only by working together the world will be able to combat this virus and make earth healthy again.

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