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Britain tightens border security to prevent 3rd wave of COVID-19

Rida Shaikh

Britain is improvising and tightening the security at its borders to prevent the new COVID-19 variant cases from getting inside the country.This move is aimed at blocking all the new variants of COVID-19 from coming into the country. The country has also suspended all 'travel corridor' agreements which implied that arrivals from some countries did not require quarantine.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is juggling two very crucial and significant tasks at hand. One of them is to effectively control a third wave of the novel coronavirus from breaking out while the second is vaccinating millions of people against the deadly COVID-19 daily.

Boris Johnson addressed a news conference and explained the decision to suspend all 'travel corridor' agreements. Boris Johnson said, "What we don't want to see is all that hard work undone by the arrival of a new variant that is vaccine-busting."

The new rules came into effect at 0400 GMT on Monday. The rules clearly state that all the passengers have to compulsorily have a negative COVID-19 test report and must immediately isolate themselves after their arrival.

The isolation will most probably last for ten days, according to the rule book. Unless the person again tests negative after isolating for five days, the person will compulsorily have to be isolated for ten days.

A new variant has been also detected in Brazil and hence, Britain suspended all the travels from South America, Portugal, and a few other countries.

Britain's current lockdown has banned most international travel. This implies that the airline schedules are currently at the minimum. Nonetheless, the withdrawal of 'quarantine-free' travel will prove to be a much stronger blow to the airline industry.

Critics have expressed their opinion on the new variant situation in the United Kingdom. They said that the government acted out too slow and left the borders open wide previously.


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