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Border Attack by China, and Now Cyber Attack – What Are They Really Doing?

Shreya Fotedar

Recently, China did a pre-planned attack on the Aksai Chin region that led to clashes of one of the worst kinds in a long time between the two nuclear armed nations. But, that is not all to China’s attack on India. It has been found by India’s National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) report in 2018 that 35 percent of Cyber-attacks that take place in India happens from China. Clearly, China’s looking deep into what’s happening in Indian politics, what people are thinking, and what’s a head for the country as a whole.

The so-called communist state that practices dictatorship and has a capitalist economic system is aggressive in it’s tactics to take our territory, and is not only spying on their own citizens but also on their neighbor's citizen. The government of India has been in denial about China’s encroachment in our territory and personal space by taking our data and hacking our electronic gadgets.

Last year, on 5th August, government of India abrogated status quo on the Kashmir issue, and Home Minister Amit Shah on the floor of the house said, we will take by Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) and Aksai Chin in control of China. As a result of this move, our neighbors have become alert, and have come to realize that the Indian government is gearing up to fight back and finally resolve the Kashmir issue.

So, what does China really gain from hacking our information? The kind of cyber attacks being conducted by China is making us vulnerable in the world of technology. But, we are not the only nation that the communist state aims to hack information of. The Chinese government has also been collecting data, and hacking into electronic gadgets of even of the citizens of United States (US), Russia and Nepal.

Phishing e-mails, messages are being sent to Indian citizens leading the government of India issuing a notice asking citizens to safeguard their electronic gadgets, and not answer any e-mail which they are not aware of. Phishing activities hacks people’s credit card, and takes all their financial data, and extremely personal information including pictures, videos and screenshots saved on your phone or laptop. The government of India has asked citizens also to report authorities if they see any such virus, or privacy breach in their electronic gadgets, and financial system.

It has been said that government of China wants information regarding defense projects, and India’s work on infrastructure development in transport, and engineering industries dealing with high-profile cases. While China has been spying on it’s rivals since 1997, it is 2013 where many countries come under their attack including citizens of Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Kingdoms (UK) because of China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ that has built engineering, transportation and maritime infrastructure across the globe, and does not want anyone to counter it, especially rivals such as India, and United States (US).

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