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Bomb threats at Taj mahal declared a hoax

Ashish Matholiya

Bombing threats at the iconic tourist destination Taj mahal declared a hoax. On March 4 an anonymous caller from the mobile number +918318881301 called Uttar Pradesh police helpline number 112 at around morning 9 am and given information that the Mughal era monument contains an explosive inside the monument is about to explode after some time. Soon after the phone call, the Taj mahal full of tourist evacuated in a rush immediately every tourist has been asked to leave immediately by the security of the premises. The monument was under the surveillance of the archaeological survey of India(ASI) and in the protection of the central industrial security force(CISF) reported by the press trust of India.

Immediately after the call Uttar Pradesh police department informed the central industrial police force (CISF) and a speedy search operation has been launched by anti sabotage and CISF QRT to protect the 17th-century famous love monument. But the surprising fact noticed that nothing suspicious recovered from the monument after the search operation. A senior CISF officer given a statement during questioning at Delhi that "Nothing suspicious has been found and the checks are almost done".

A man has been arrested on Thursday at Firozabad (A city near Uttar Pradesh) allegedly for making a rumoured call about the Taj mahal and the mobile phone from which the call has been made is also recovered from him. According to the police during the interrogation, they found that the man who made the call is mentally unstable and his treatment is continuing at Agra mental hospital and to investigate the case in little more depth police will investigate further.

After an immediate shut and hoax declaration, the Taj mahal has been opened for the tourist around 11:15 AM because of non recovery of any explosive or hazardous substance at the venue.


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