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Indian man Akhilesh Pandey arrested in UAE for speaking against Islam

Shreya Fotedar

Indian man Akhilesh Pandey arrested in UAE for speaking against Islam

Akhilesh Pandey, like many Indians, decided to explore United Arab Emirates (UAE) for work opportunity. He has been living in the country for a long time. He has been learning their beautiful culture and earn a living for his family. But, what did he get in return? 15 years imprisonment, and fine of 5000 Dirham. As the sole bread earner of his family, his wife, Ankita and his young daughter have been left on a lurch to defend themselves with no income.

His wife, Ankita, alleging that her husband is being targeted by workers in his organisation to stop him from growing in the company. According to her, it is politics within the organisation that had led her husband getting a criminal record. She is in India while her husband has been in central prison of United Arab Emirates (UAE) since October last year.

Imagine your son or daughter in a situation like this. Where he is not at fault, as claimed by Akhilesh’s wife. He or she is getting tried in the court of another country. You are not aware of the system, and you are helpless. While we are not denying the existence of Islamophobia. We must realize that false accusation do take place. Hence, their is a possibility that internal politics of the organisation might have led to him landing in prison.

While hate speech against any community must be tried under law. It is irresponsible to imprison someone without giving him/her a fair court trail. But, Akhilesh is not the only case. Many Indians living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries face problems of blasphemy. While some are genuine and others are fake.

According to United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC), blasphemy laws violate human rights to freedom of speech and expression. Back in medieval times, blasphemy was considered to be sin. But, in today’s day and age it’s validity itself is under question in many countries. While their should be a limit to free speech. But, we need to understand at a human level the impact of this man’s arrest. Why? It is because he is the sole bread winner of his family.

It’s been more than 8 months, Ankita Pandey has been demanding justice for her husband. Most media houses have not looked at this story or tried to cover it. Her cry for help is growing with each passing day. She is demanding the government of India especially Prime Minister Modi with whom she holds a lot of hope to bring her husband to justice because it appears to her that he has been framed.


‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ - given that there is no substantive proof of blasphemous utterances to the best of our understanding. Ankita and her daughter deserve to re-unite with her husband and father respectively. Also, the higher quality of mercy must prevail it is stated in the holy verses.

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