Coworking Space- Modern take on workspace

Shristi Gupta

Have you ever walked into an overcrowded Starbucks or Costa Coffee and just hated the sight of people staring at their laptop screens and leaving no vacant seat? There is a rise in startups and self-started businesses which means people with less capital and more work. This definitely means they cannot afford an office to sit and work with their employees.

This is where CoWorking spaces come into play! In this ever-changing world of workplace setups, you might have heard of or witnessed your entrepreneur friends choosing Coworking Spaces as their office.  


What is a Coworking Space? Some businesses use spaces to provide employees with equipment, space, and services that they could not otherwise afford. Larger enterprises sometimes use these spaces to provide a temporary workplace when they have more than the normal number of employees working maybe for a new project or client. Fun fact is coworking space is a startup in itself which has disrupted the current workplace scenario. The way it operates and makes money is also a lot different from the usual.

The owner of these spaces provides a work environment with the best furnishings, office equipment, and amenities found in a typical office. It all depends on what you are looking for in an office space because these spaces will mostly have them all.

Cost-Effective: This is key for startups and small businesses that need the ability to expand/downsize on-demand. Even large corporations have taken advantage of these spaces for temporary use in terms of new clients or projects. A shared office space is cost-effective for home-based entrepreneurs to conduct their meetings, interviews, or training. These spaces include flat-rate memberships and fee structures based on access for a single visit or a certain number of days per week, month, or year. Often, a coworking facility will offer a number of options to suit individual needs. Some organizations have multiple locations that members can access. Others provide “coworking visas” that provide free access to partnered facilities in different locations.

Atmosphere: The cubicle-cut, traditional office space is becoming an “out of date” model. The daily “think-tank” environment can be extremely beneficial to some personalities. It is better to impress your clients with a professional setting rather than your local coffee shop. This space provides a collaborative space to voice your opinions/pose questions, and get feedback right away. It increases the productivity of the people who have found the right atmosphere that caters to their style of working rather than working from homes. This is why these “modern workplaces” are becoming hubs for creativity and innovation. 

Structure: Many people find that leaving the house to go to a workspace makes it easier to focus on work during “office hours”, which helps to keep a healthy work-life balance. The local coffee shop definitely doesn’t quite cut it – it’s noisy, crowded, and full of distractions, plus the Internet connection and plug point availability can be unpredictable. At a coworking desk, you can simply plugin and get to work, distraction-free.

Multiple Amenities: Free coffee and tea are standard at most of the spaces while some offer complimentary or low rate packages for breakfast and lunch. You have meeting rooms, administrative support, high-speed Internet access, and more like printers, copier and fax machines. If your small company celebrates events, a coworking space will cover that need too. All you need to focus on is at building your empire!

Networking/Coworking Community. Using a coworking space is not all about flexibility, but the connections you gain from being a part of the “coworking community.” Networking as a young startup is crucial, and coworking makes it nearly impossible not to. Shared offices are a blessing when it comes to locating potential clients or job leads. You also have a chance to learn business strategies and tactics and also get advice from established owners of small- or medium-sized businesses and other entrepreneurs. These spaces attract a mix of like-minded, creative business owners, and you’ll have plenty of chances to network or even work collaboratively with them. Plenty of coworking spaces also host workshops and work-related events focused on learning, growing, and networking. 

The best part about Coworking spaces is that you have more control of your work life. You can make your own decisions at your own convenience without being answerable to anyone. There is a lot of flexibility in this situation. And with an energy of productivity in the air when you’re in a room full of driven people it is nearly impossible to slack off. You will thrive and definitely bring your best foot forward!

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