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Are We About To Lose Kashmir?

Shreya Fotedar

Are We Going To Lose Kashmir

India’s only Muslim-majority state Kashmir in 1949 was given a ‘temporary’ special status within the Indian constitution. On 5th August 2019, Prime Minister Modi-led BJP government removed the special status once-and-for-all with opposition support. With the removal of Article 370, debate started whether the Kashmir issue and it’s people finally will see light at the end of the tunnel?

Now, before you consider people of Kashmir only of one religious community, the truth is people of Kashmir are from different religious groups, who have in the past lived in a diverse society, where Kashmiris from different religious groups have come together to celebrate their unique culture in unity called Kashmiryat. But, for a long time that unique secular identity has been lost. Kashmiryat has taken a back seat, and the three nations fighting over it’s territory, culture, and economic significance have taken the front-line. While the people are divided on religious lines, China’s recent illegal encroachment in Ladakh has sparked debate of a possible war with the world’s next hegemonic.

China has always been a mighty-power that aims to grab as much land as possible. Samuel Huntington, in his book ‘The Clash of Civilizations’ states the China,as a country, sees itself as the protector of the Confucius culture and Mongolian identity. Therefore, it aims to capture and control, directly or indirectly, every territory that consists of people following Confucius culture, and are from Mongolian race. While they have South-East Asia under their control due to their economic strength, India has two areas under it’s control that reflect on Confucius culture and Mongolian race – Ladakh and North-East India.

China aims to establish itself also as world’s hegemonic. If we look at how in past hegemonic have established their might, we have took two western countries example – Great Britain and United States of America (USA). After World War II, United States under Marshall Plan gave money to Europe to rebuild it’s economy and made Japan the technologically-advanced society as a result of it’s economic support. On the other hand, Great Britain established it’s hegemony power over France when the French political system was at its weakest – the French revolution. It took advantage of the situation and established itself as the world hegemony.


China, over the years, has been funding many African economies, and have build a rapport with Islamic society especially our western neighbor, Pakistan. While India has built a deeper relation with the United States, and western powers have been in our support, United States economy is holding on a bubble and with present leadership non-seriousness over holding on to it’s world position and economic prosperity, India getting support from the United States is unlikely because of their own economic position. Similarly, India has already lost at least 10 percent of the GDP due to the lock down. With Government of India under cash crunch, and western civilizations facing a major financial crisis itself, India getting support from any country as China establishes itself as hegemony is unlikely.

India, just like France is going through an internal political revolution where our long tradition of dynasty and nepotism is under question. Since 1991, if not all, most Indians have seen economic prosperity and have seen the hypocrisy of the center-left which they want should change. With internal political and economic crisis in India, and China have the economic might to make the world favour them. All that is required for them to establish as a superpower is show another powerful country down by capturing it’s territory.

Kashmir has been an issue between India, Pakistan and China for 70 years, and removing it’s special status meaning changing status quo on the issue. If the Indian state has declared that it is changing status quo, and aiming for final solution, can we except China and Pakistan stick quietly and just watch? The attack carried out by China was pre-planned and should have been anticipated by the Modi government.

Prime Minister Modi, in his speech, said very openly that India will fight back for it’s soldiers. When Indian government changed its status quo last year on Kashmir, the focus was only on Pakistan and taking over Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan. China, for all it’s bullying strategy, is predictable in it’s attack. In the past, whenever China has entered into an agreement where it will not attack, it attacks as other side does not anticipate it.

So, with India being weak economically and politically, and China becoming the world hegemony and going all-out to support Pakistan to win Kashmir. Is India about to lose Kashmir forever?

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