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BJP’s Protest in Kolkata: Ahead of protest march, Mamata Banerjee shuts down state secretariat

Rida Shaikh

In the wake of the "worsening law and order situation" in Bengal, BJP has decided to hold a protest march in Kolkata.

A day ahead of BJP's protest march to the state secretariat, Nabanna, the Trinamool Congress Government announced on Wednesday that the building will be shut down for two days starting fro 8th October for "sanitization purposes."

The BJP termed this decision as a "reflection of the TMC's fear." Nevertheless, they stand firm on their decision of carrying out a protest march on Thursday.

However, the state secretariat officials stated that the decision to close down Nabanna for sanitization purposes had been "taken a few weeks back and it has nothing to do with BJP's program."

Sources in the BJP said that Trinamool Congress Government had decided to shut down Nabanna to take the heat out of the protest march.

BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya tweeted, "After the BJP announced its Nabanna Abhiyan program to protest against worsening law and order, Mamata didi declared holiday (shutdown) in the secretariat for two days. Just wait and see how the people of Bengal send didi on a complete vacation in the days to come."

In their defense, the Trinamool Congress Government said that the BJP Government is just interested in petty politics while they are keen to save lives during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

BJP State General Secretary Sayantan Basu said, "It seems that the TMC Government got afraid and decided to close down Nabanna. But we would stick to our program tomorrow. There would be no change in plans." Sayantan Basu also claimed that the TMC government proved that they have little or no respect for democratic movements.

Last month, the BJP had planned to conduct the protest march against the alleged worsening law and order situation and the presence of corruption under the TMC Government. According to the sources, the "Nabanna Abhiyan (March to Abhiyan) is part of the party's strategy before the final push against the TMC government.

The youth wing of BJP has convened the "Nabanna Abhiyanb."
Three rallies from Kolkata and one from Howrah will march towards the state secretariat. A party leader said, "One rally will be lead by State President Dilip Ghosh (BJP) while the National Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya and National Vice-President Mukul Roy will be leading the other."

Trinamool Congress Government has denied the BJP the permission to carry out the protest march. TMC Government has cited the Pandemic Act and said that peaceful and democratic rallies within "permissible parameters" of only a hundred people would be allowed. The Home Department communicated with the youth wing of the BJP and informed them that the rally would not be allowed to march up to the secretariat as it will violate the Section 144 Cr PC that is in force there.

The Government’s letter to BJP youth wing said, " You are probably also aware that Section 144 of Cr Pc is in force in and around Nabanna. Therefore, we request you kindly to help us in providing you the necessary help for peaceful and democratic rallies, within allowed parameters, within the rules of law and not headed to a destination where Section 144 of Cr PC would be violated. We welcome all peaceful and democratic rallies having specific destinations where Section 144 Cr PC and other provisions of the rule of law are not violated."

The Trinamool Congress Government sent the letter to BJP's youth wing mere hours after announcing that the state secretariat would be shut for two consecutive days.


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