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Bird flu samples of Delhi poultry market test negative

Alok Parekh

Bird flu effects in all over the world.

Bird flu is lately one of the most feared infections in the world and luckily, the samples have tested negative in Delhi poultry market.

On Thursday, January 14, the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, said that he had given the directions and guidelines and allowed the poultry market of Delhi to reopen after the samples from the market test negative for bird flu or avian influenza. In addition to this, he also lifted all the temporary restrictions that were imposed on the import of live birds from other states.

In a tweet, the chief minister said, “Samples taken from poultry markets have tested negative with respect to bird flu. Have directed to open the poultry market and withdraw the orders to restrict trade and import of chicken stocks.”


The only authorized wholesale poultry market in Delhi is situated in Ghazipur. The government had announced a closure of the market for 10 days, to prevent the spread of bird flu, on January 9. The municipal corporations, on Wednesday, gave another order which stopped the sale of chicken in the city. This step mainly affected the retailers because earlier they could sell from the stocks that they already had before the imposition of the ban. The municipal bodies have so far not mentioned anything about lifting the ban that they have imposed.
The animal husbandry department of Delhi verified that bird flu has not been found in any of the samples collected from the poultry. They confirmed this earlier on Thursday, January 14. The tests were done because over 200 crows and ducks were found dead in the city over the previous 6 days.

In total, 158 samples of various species of birds including crows, pigeons, poultry, and ducks, were sent for tests in labs that are situated in Bhopal and Jalandhar. In total, eight samples have tested positive so far. They were of dead crows and ducks picked up from several places. The samples for which results have not yet arrived are of crows, ducks, and pigeons.


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