Beirut in flames, yet again!

Nandita Patra

Yet another fire outburst made its way in the capital city of the country of Lebanon, Beirut. A fire broke out in a shopping mall being built in Beirut. This is the third outbreak within 7 days in a city which is in fact still recovering from the massive explosion that took place in August. There were no reports of anyone being injured and also, the cause of the fire is still unknown.
The building that caught the fire was designed by the practice of the late well-known British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. The building is located in the same commercial district which is close to the city’s port and where a blast 6 weeks ago had roughly slain 200 people, wounded somewhat around 6000 people and caused a devastating physical damage of $4.6bn and economic damage of $3.5bn.
Last week two unprecedented fires had caused panic and hostility among the residents who in turn blamed the ruling society of corruption, disregard and mismanagement.
Blasts in Lebanon have prevailed rather progressively. There was a small fire in the city last Tuesday which was suppressed quickly and another big outburst on Thursday at the port warehouse. When the latter incident was investigated it turned out that the cause of the fire could’ve been sparks from a power saw.
Lebanon was already recouping from the economic crisis that had collapsed it’s currency, boosted the unemployment and propelled many into poverty.
While addressing the world in reference to the blast that occurred on 6 th August, the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, said, ”There were two possible causes of the explosion, either negligence or external intervention by a missile or a bomb”. He furthermore rejected the United Nations Human Rights Commissions call for an international investigation.
However, the Government, after the massive explosion in Beirut on 6 th August, 2020, had resigned and ever since the Western powers are urging the replaced government to enforce reforms that could help unlock the financial aid.

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