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Australia to kill racing pigeon that made 8,000-mile journey

Vishnu Vasisht

Australia pigeon

A pigeon was found lying in a man's backyard in Melbourne, Australia on December 26, gasping. The pigeon, Joe, had disappeared from a race on October 29 in Oregon, USA. It is named after Joe Biden, the newly elected President of the United States. Experts are suspecting that it reached Australia with the help of a cargo ship to cross the Pacific Ocean.

This act of Joe made him famous in the Australian media but due to this fame, he also came in the eyes of the country's Quarantine rules.

Australian Kevin Celli-Bird says that the Quarantine authorities called him on Thursday and asked him to catch Joe. According to Celli-Bird, "He said that he is from America and that people are worried about the bird flu. He wanted me to help him."

He told the officers that he could not catch her because Joe runs away when he passes.


The Department of Agriculture, responsible for biosecurity in Australia, says the pigeon is "not allowed to live in Australia" because it "could pose a threat to Australia's food security and wild bird populations."

In 2015, the country's government also threatened to kill two Yorkshire Terriers Pistol and Boo. Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard brought them to Australia after smuggling. After getting the time limit of 50 hours both the dogs were sent outside the country by chartered plane.

According to Celli-Bird, Joe has been identified by the American Racing Pigeon Union of Oklahoma. Its owner lives in Montgomery, Alabama.

The National Pigeon Association of Australia has also supported the killing of Joe. It fears that American diseases will reach Australia with Joe.

The record for the longest flight for a pigeon was recorded in 1931. The pigeon then traveled from Arras in France to Saigon in Vietnam. This distance is 11,600 km. It took the pigeon 24 days.

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