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Andhra Pradesh: 19-year-old SBI employee killed by ex-boyfriend, body set on fire to conceal identity

Rida Shaikh

A nineteen-year-old woman who was an employee at the SBI was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend. The nineteen-year-old SBI employee was allegedly killed by her former boyfriend who then subsequently set her body on fire. The incident took place in  Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. The Police have arrested the accused man. The Police informed that he was reportedly angry at the woman because she was in a relationship with another man.

As per the Police, the victim is identified as Snehalatha. She was in a relationship with the accused who worked as a mason. The accused is identified as Gooty Rajesh. Apparently, Snehalatha distanced herself from Gooty Rajesh after she landed a contract job at the bank. Subsequently, she grew closer to her classmate in college. All of this incessantly angered Gooty Rajesh. Hence, he planned to kill her. The Police dug out their phone call records which revealed that the accused and the victim had spoken around 1,618 times in the last year.

Gooty Rajesh called Snehalatha for a meeting and then took her somewhere on his bike. The police informed that he then strangled her while they were having a heated argument over her close friendship with her classmate.

Senior Police OfficerSathya Yesu Babu said, "On their way to Ananthapuram (Andhra Pradesh), Gooty Rajesh (the accused) stopped the bike near a field at Badanapalli. He then began to question her about her intimacy and closeness with her classmate Praveen. This led to a heated argument. Subsequently, he strangulated her and choked her to death. In an attempt to not disclose her identity, he set the body on fire. Due to this, Snehalatha's body was partially burnt. There is no evidence of any sort of sexual assault or sexual intercourse."

The victim's family alerted the Police and filed a complaint after she did not return home that day. The victim's family informed the Police that Gooty Rajesh used to stalk her. Snehalatha's mother mentioned a man named Karthik who might have a possible role in the incident. The Police are currently probing his role in the crime.

The Senior Police Officer later added that Gooty Rajesh confessed to his crime when he was picked up for questioning.


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