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An unconstitutional protest on the day of Constitution

Shivam Pathak

When the country was celebrating Republic day under the name 'Jai-Jawan-Jai-Kisan', a mob numbered in thousands turned it into 'Jawan vs Kisan'. It really is a shameful day for the country as what is considered the symbol of Independent India-The Red Fort, was stormed in the most unconstitutional manner. Not only this, in the name of protest, these anarchists raised Religion specific and Anti-Indian flags over The Red Fort and got into conflict with police as many policemen got serious injuries.

Rallies were allowed on three specific only:

Two days ago, Delhi Police allowed Farmers parade on receiving constant demands from several Kisan organizations and their leaders. The leaders gave complete assurance of peaceful protest upon which Government allowed Tractor rally on three certain routes. Everything was going peacefully until the farmers stormed Delhi; ruthlessly drove tractors without any fear and disturbed law and order in every possible way. Barricades were broken, police was attacked and many Sikhs were seen floating swords blindly. Buses were destroyed, gas bombs were thrown on police and tractors were rushed onto them.

No clue of Farm leaders:

The gang seemed having no direction over their actions and gave no thought about the consequences whatsoever. Surprisingly, no farm leader came forward to settle down the violent protest and mob went completely mis-directed.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they were in no mood to demand withdrawal of Law; instead they seemed to disturb the democratic settlement of India. The unconstitutional forces behind the Farmers’ protest couldn’t swallow the fact that till now government had prevented any form of forceful protest. Earlier too, they have tried to cause a dis-balance when in Punjab and Haryana mobile and electricity towers were ravaged. Then also, government handled the situation with ease and peace was retained. There was also an anger as their earlier efforts of marching into Delhi were moderated by police forces. So, on Republic day, when they got entry, caused a complete tumult and mayhem in National Capital.

Credible police action:

To maintain the peace, police authorities were instructed to handle the situation gently and without ‘lathi’. But, it got escalated when Religion specific and Anti-National flags were seen hoisted on top of The Red Fort, in place of Indian Tri-color. The mob was seen standing on top of the Prestige Monument which has been a symbol of India’s Independence struggle and Country’s integrity.

Journalists were assaulted, microphones and cameras being thrown away, insulting and dis-respectful comments were made on Police and anti-national slogans were raised.

Although country is in sheer shock due to the protest, but our neighbours and similar terror causing elements have been shamelessly joyful of today’s event. A series of such tweets started appearing from Pakistani and anti-national twitter handles.

Internet Services shut down:

It was after ages when internet services were shut down in Country’s Capital, with a measure to stop the spread of anti-national and provocative messages on web. It is expected that services will not be restored until mid-night, till then authorities would be monitoring any such activities.

Re-instating control:

The police have taken control of many places along with ongoing struggles at few locations. After causing such disorder, havoc and a massive degradation to country’s peace and democracy, the tractor mob has started returning back to Singhu, Ghajipur and Tikri border.

It appeared like an absolute brainwash of farmers and protesters by anti-Indian elements. A protest like this would by no means do any help to the farmers’ struggle for repealing Farm laws and the violent events of today have caused a major reduction in people’s support.

Prompt enquiry and arrests required:

There is no excuse for what happened today in the name of peaceful protest. A prompt enquiry should be laid-out, farm leaders should come forward and take full responsibility and all legal escapes should be shut down for those who were indulged in todays’ un-democratic, anti-national and shameful event.


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