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After checking in as couple, Man murders woman at Kolkata hotel

Vishnu Vasisht

A couple in a hotel booked a room in the afternoon and said that they will checkout at 7 in the evening. When it was 8 in the evening, the hotel staff knocked on the door of the room. The TV was playing in a loud volume inside. When the door was not opened, it was opened with a duplicate key. Inside, the woman's dead body was wrapped in a quilt.

The woman's murder in the Newtown hotel in Kolkata is getting mysterious by time. The police investigating the murder have found a slip of paper from the corpse that says, "I did not want to kill you. Had no option".

The deceased was married and hailed from West Midnapore. The two identified themselves at the hotel as a couple.

In the video footage of a CCTV camera in the hotel, the accused man was seen leaving the hotel in a hurry. He is also said to be a resident of West Midnapore. A broken bottle of liquor has been recovered from the hotel room. Hotel staff say that they did not hear anyone scream from the room.

When the door was opened in the presence of the police, the woman's blood-soaked corpse was lying inside. The deceased's family members have been called to the police station. Primarily it is being described as a case of illegal relationship.

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