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Actress Saloni Chopra slams trolls for hate comments on Instagram posts

Ipshita Bagchi

"Ladle beton ke maa paap kahan hain?"

Actress Saloni Chopra who was seen in MTV Girls on Top took to Instagram on November 19th, slamming neo-citizens who trolled her for her iconic Instagram posts.

The 28-year-old actress is a social activist who is popularly known for addressing issues that majority of the Indian women today face on a daily basis, including slut-shaming, body-shaming, domestic violence, and menstruation.

She titled her picture, "Why we need to talk about everyday women's rights." In the post Saloni can be seen posing shirtless on her bed- making a bold and strong statement as a woman who has the liberty to post anything she desires.


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With this post she addressed the issue of slut-shaming, body shaming, rape culture and male privilege to name a few. In the caption she stated, "I'm tired of sugarcoating things just because I don't want to 'offend men' all the time." She posted screenshots of multiple comments she received in the past couple of days on her Instagram page. Some of the sickening comments read, "tum pataka bni hui ho toh kya tumhe bja sakte hein"; " shemale"; " I am confused is she transgender".

Saloni Chopra

She slammed her haters saying, "The problem with you, as a man, saying sexual things to/about women is that it becomes HARRASMENT- because women are raped, murdered and killed every day. Men do not live under the fear of rape every night that they walk down lonely streets, women DO."

Saloni on rape culture and 'Not all men'

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. According to the 2019 annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 32,033 rape cases were registered across the country. Out of this 94.2% of the rapes were committed by perpetrators known to the victim.

Men that do not rape women and treat them with respect, dignity and equality are not special. They are human, this is what a man should be like. It is high time we realize that when we idolize men for the bare minimum, we imply that being indecent is default to them.

Saloni Chopra wrote, "If as a man you're not doing anything wrong, then you would realize that A LOT of men are a threat to others, they're harming and killing women every day simply because they are WOMEN."

Saloni Chopra

She went ahead and addressed how disrespectfully conversations about sex take place today. In the post she emphasized on the need to change the course of conversations regarding sex. She stated, "Men are aggressive about sex because they treat their dicks like weapons. Being a "pussy" is being weak. Let's get one things straight, guys your penis is not a fucking weapon."

Saloni Chopra

Saloni Chopra breaks down meaning of male privilege for readers and haters

In order to explain to her readers the meaning of male privilege she wrote, "The fact that you can walk shirtless on a road at 2 am, or post selfies on the Internet working out, and not have a single person talk about aggressively raping you, or actually being raped- then you are born with privilege. That is male privilege."

Further to support her argument on male privilege she added a picture of a man posing shirtless and captioned it, "Guess who doesn't get rape threats and aggressive sexual comments for being topless?" She added, "The fact that so many men feel SO comfortable leaving comments on strangers' posts saying 'your cause and your message is wrong. I disagree, tone it down' SHOWS how much privilege they have."

It's vital for us to understand that privilege is not just the things that were provided to you, but also the things that you were never subjected to.

Saloni continues to be a role model for the youth today

Saloni Chopra has always been an advocate for women's rights and is a strong willed feminist. She said in her post, "Raising children with equality doesn't start and end at sending them both to school. What is the point if you're then telling your daughter she can't go out, can't have a public profile online, can't wear this, can't talk to boys- but you don't check up on your boys."

Saloni Chopra

Chopra's Instagram makes us viewers want to double tap her posts a hundred times. Saloni calling out the trolls and speaking on issues that are so conveniently pushed under the rug are a testament to how strong, courageous, independent and inspirational she really is. She continues to be the voice for countless women across the country today. Saloni Chopra is a real inspiration to all those people who may still be tied to the rusting chains of patriarchy.

While the #MeTooMovement was surging in India, Saloni shared her personal experience with the country. She accused director, actor and comedian Sajid Khan of sexual harassment.

Poonam Pandey - Milind Soman controversy

In a similar incident, actress-model Poonam Pandey was detained by the Calangute police for an "indecent" video shoot. However, the incident went viral when fans on twitter called out the hypocrisy surrounding nudity when it came to men.

Actor-model Milind Soman on his 50th birthday posted a picture of him running nude on a Goa beach. He was praised for his 'nude-run', while Poonam had to face legal charges for simply exercising her freedom of expression.

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