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3 Mysterious police cases those are still unsolved

Arpan Saha


3 Mysterious police cases those are still unsolved

Everyone loves a good mystery, but what happens when a mystery never has a satisfying ending?

Everybody loves a good mystery. But what happens when a mystery never has its satisfying ending. That Scobey-Doo unveiling of the culprit? The following unsolved police cases are strange, creepy, and frustratingly without a conclusion. They are some of the most baffling unsolved mysteries of our time.

Let us jump to the Police case mysterious.



From 1968-1969, he terrorized San Francisco with his murder spree, taunting the police with his coded letters to the local paper. He had at least five killings directly connected to him, although he claims to have killed 37 people. His terror began when Betty Lou Jensen, 16, and David Arthur Faraday, 17, were found lying outside of their bullet-peppered car. Jensen was found dead at the scene with five gunshot wounds to her back, while Faraday died of a bullet to the head eon route to the hospital. Half a year later, a couple who parked their car four miles away from that crime scene was also gunned down, one injured and one killed. The survivor, Michael Magee, was able to give a description of the killer. He described a heavyset white man around 5'8". It would be the Zodiac Killer himself that would give the police the remaining evidence.

The Zodiac Killer would go on killing and leaving frustrating evidence for the police– coded letters, anonymous phone calls, the crossed-circle written on victims' cars, sending over blood-stained shirts, accounts from survivor.


THE CAPE INTRUDERHis final unsolved case is not a famous case. But a local one that I remember from years ago, occurring in a neighboring town. If not for a brief mention of it in an regarding a neighborhood watch, I might have thought it was just my imagination. Back in 2005, in the affluent town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, the community experienced something unnerving. During the night, victims who kept their doors unlocked, would wake up in the morning to catch a brief glimpse of a man staring at them. Before they could react, the man would flee the scene, leaving the house just as it was before he entered it. Nothing was stolen. Nobody was injured or killed.

Everybody seemed to think they knew, who it was and the police received a number of calls, from concerned citizens naming possible suspects. Although two people named the same person, the police never did catch the "Cape Intruder". After some intrusions in August, December, and February, he never did break in again. Perhaps he had his fill of staring at sleeping bodies during that time period. But the thought that such a person existed, still walks among us is enough to give anyone the chills. And of course, serves as a grim reminder to lock our doors.



3. THE JEANETTE DEPALMA CASEIt all started in 1972 .When a dog brought home a decomposed forearm home. This prompted a police search and the body was found afterwards atop a cliff in Springfield. The body was identified to be that of Jeanette DE Palmer, a 16-year-old who had gone missing for six weeks. Immediately, rumor's began spreading as to the cause of her death. She was discovered and covered with occult symbols, many believed her body was placed on a makeshift altar. Many locals, even some police members, blame a coven of witches, otherwise known Satanists. Who used DE Palma for a human sacrifice.

Much of the case's details have  been destroyed. However, some reports from local papers mention, that police couldn't determine the cause of death due to her badly decomposed body. They had also investigated a local homeless man, who was a prime suspect, only to find no connection with the killing. As for the occult theory, Was she a human sacrifice? Or did these suspicions help hide the real killer?

No one will ever know.


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