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2021: Starting Afresh

Shubham Sharma

New year, a new decade and a new beginning!!

With similar hopes in cherishing minds, a new journey has begun. We, being the traveller as well as the driver ourselves of this moment moving wheel. 

The biological mutiny

The second decade of the century completed its tenure with a blend of good and bad tastes. However, 'All's well that ends well' isn't an acronym suitable for the same. The end took millions of well(beings)senses to an end. However, the decade began with positive vibes hitting all corners of the world. The major focus of the decade was observed on technological advancements and expansion. From iPad to Hyperloop, all are the gifts from the same basket. Words like Smartphone, Online Services, 4G, Depression, Trump, Modi and finally Corona became the Indian terms of the decade. Though, territorial disputes, especially in the Gulf region, caused much devastation and rise of the worst militant group ISIS. Majority of these are today approaching an optimistic outcome. 

In the reign of this advancement, we forgot the objective of sustainable development, the oath which the stakeholders took timely before entering the revolutionary decade. Innumerable natural resource exploitations occurred in the name of development. Emphasis was to convert every possible piece of land into a wire mesh. Merciful nature still warned us by small thundershocks as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes. But we didn't stop. As a result, nature also depicted its existence by the end. The aftermath of which we are still experiencing with the beginning of the new decade- the biological mutiny in the form of the virus.

Continuing with a natural traveller

Entering a new phase, we're again standing today where we were a decade back. Challenges and objectives might be different. These priorities for the next 10 years will affect the rest of human existence. Thus, resuscitation of the heavenly loss occurred in the name of development must be the primary aim. Then the policies must be designed in such a way that these are nature compatible, not only human feasible. This time, betrayal isn't allowed-especially by past decade superpowers. This decade can bring upon a new superpower bunch. This will depend on the resolutions made by their citizens, their regime to move ahead hand in hand with the natural elements. Otherwise, even a developed country like the USA or The Kingdom falls in front of a small contagious virus. The emerging nations must also limit their relaxations given for their upliftment.  

The coming years are ours. The key to their effective utilisation is also in our hands. Thus waving forward, let's move alarmingly, keeping in view the other traveller-the nature.

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