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World Emoji Day 2020

Debanjana Dutta

If you are accustomed to using verbal emojis on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and dating apps, then know that you are one of the many people in this country who like that emoji. A recent survey has revealed that most Indians use emojis like “Flying Kiss” or “Tears in their eyes” when chatting on social media. Let me also inform you that 17 July  means today is World Emoji Day.

A tech company Boble AI has released a report describing the emoji as ‘laughing, smiling eyes’ and ‘flying kiss’ as the two best emoticons used in smartphone convergence. The second top ten emojis are: a smiling face with a heart, a kiss mark, a hand showing him, a loud shouting face, a face with smiling eyes, a thumb or thumbs up, a folded hand and a smile on a face wearing sunglasses.

Those emojis are also used more in WhatsApp. The report further states that emoticons are used extensively in festivals and national days. In dating applications, the most used are emojis for enjoyment and food.

According to Johanna Nichols, former professor of linguistics, the gold standard for distinguishing languages is “mutual intelligibility.” And even if emojis do not yet qualify as a formal language, they work exceptionally well as a system of visual expression.

The report claims that “most emojis are used in dating app conversations to express happiness, flirtation and romantic status”. “Emojis are slowly becoming part of our digital culture and it is showing a new way to talk to each other,” said Anit Prasad, co-founder of Boble AI. It is learned that the statistics of the present day since 2016 have been included in the report .

The current creators of emojis have released more options that include gender-neutral alternatives, skin tones all over the spectrum and even representation of accessibility like mechanical limbs, hearing aids, etc. to make this form of communication completely accessible.

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